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Here is some math on the damage and crit breakdown for those interested. I can't take any credit for it, links to follow to sources!
..Critical Damage Stat Explanation:

If you're planning to have any crit damage in your equipment, then you need to know that there is a different tradeoff for stat points depending on where the crit damage is obtained.
In ascending order, the tradeoff for 1% of crit damage is equal to
5 stat points - upgrade slot of trinkets and backpack
10 stat points- traits (not an equipment, but listed for comparison)
12 stat points - glove, shoulder and boots
12.8 stat points - 1H weapons and amulet
13.33 stat points - Earring
14 stat points - Backpack (rare version from guild armorsmith)
14.22 stat points - 2H weapons
14.4 stat points - Coat
16 stat points - Ring, helm and legging
In short, if you are trying to get crit damage, start with either exquisite beryl or ruby jewel, then work your way down the list.

When is critical damage worth it?

Damage is calculated as Power x [1 + Crit Chance x (Crit Damage - 1)] x constant (which depends on weapon, skill coefficients and enemies armor). To be clear, crit chance is a number between 0 and 1 and crit damage is 1.5 + crit damage from equipment.
Taking partial derivative with respect to your current power, crit chance and crit damage gives you the respective per stat point increase in damage
(1) 1 + Crit Chance x (Crit Damage - 1) for each point in power
(2) Power x (Crit Damage - 1)/2100 for each point in precision
(3) Power x Crit Chance/[(stat point tradeoff) x 100] for each stat point tradeoff for crit damage
The higher the number the better. So if (3) > (1) and (2), then moving some power and precision to crit damage increases DPS (ignoring effects triggered by crit). Your DPS is optimal when (1) = (2) = (3).

-- Above Explanation Made By: paradiselight - REDDIT

There is a similar trade off with all stats, so where you place a stat matters depending on how dominate you want it to be....that is why you'll notice that I stagger stats such as Valkyrie Gear having a Ruby Orb, I'm trying to close a gap in stats I lose by choosing health as a main stat. In this build its harder to notice but main stat is head, chest, legs, and my secondary stat is on, shoulders, gloves, feet. My gear build isn't perfect... I'm sure, But its set up very well for general usage, and makes it easy to swap out if your looking to make stat trades, all you do is buy a second secondary stat set (Arms, Shoulders, feet) with the desired stats for specific dungeons or whatever your trying out. (I.E. More Toughness or crit or attack) You can get more attack/crit by switching out the secondary stat armor (Shoulders,Arms,Feet) for berserker gear, you even go up to 114% crit damage, and better crit chance . If you want toughness do that same deal with Knights gear but doing that you'll lose crit damage as well as health.

As far as orbs mix and match as you see fit on secondary stat gear if you choose to change:

-Emerald - Toughness, Precision, Power
-Beryl - Health, Power, Crit Damage
-Ruby - Power, Precision, Crit Damage

Same with jewelry, most of its Berserker/Valk, New Earrings are going to be Cavalier/Cavalier we needed some toughness in the build... in case they actually catch you..

(If Non ascended i would go Cav/Beryl & Berserk/beryl)

If you don't have ascended gear just make the stats by adding the upgrade component that apply's matching the build I supplied
Original thread via gw2guru poster

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