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Zoija's Warhammer (Ascended)
Zojja's Warhammer
Hey guys, thought I would share some of my journey towards my first Ascended weapon, Zojja's Warhammer. These items take a ton of gathering everyday, and some items, such as "Glob of Elder Spirit Residue" and "Lump of Mithrillium" have a one a day limit(24 hour cooldown or server reset) The ascended weapons break down into 4 major parts. The inscription, the crafting parts(Hammer head, and haft) and a vision crystal. Below i will breakdown the parts into the actual mats. Hope this helps someone when they get to make their own! Enjoy!
Zojja's Berserker Inscription
10 x Glob of Dark Matter (these come from salvaging exotic items, even with Black Lion Salvage kits, returns are not 100% and they are account bound, so you cannot purchase them)
1 x Deldrimor Steel Plated dowel
-3 Deldrimor Steel Ingot
-3 Spiritwood Plank
1 x Berserker Orichalcum Plated Inscription
-5 orichalcum Plated Dowels
-5 Vial of Powerful Blood
-5 Glob of Ectoplasm (these come from salvaging rare and up equipment above level 68, same as above, even Black Lion Salvage kit isn't 100%)
10 x Pile of Crystalline Dust
Deldrimor Steel Hammer Head
3 x Deldrimor Steel ingot
50 x Thermocatalytic reagent (Purchased via craft station vendors)
5 x Pile of Crystalline Dust
Large Spiritwood Haft
2 x Spiritwood Plank
50 x Thermocatalytic reagent
5 x Pile of Crystalline Dust
Vision Crystal
5 x Bloodstone Brick
-100 Pile of Bloodstone dust
-2 Obsidian Shard (Can be purchased in fractals lobby, 15 fractal currency each, or Laurel vendor @ 3 for 3 laurels, or rare chance from Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes purchased via karma after temple events in Orr)
-10 Thermocatalytic Reagent
5 x Dragonite ingot
-100 dragonite ore
-2 obsidian Shard
-10 Thermocatalytic Reagent
5 x Empyreal Star
-100 Empyreal Fragment (I have heard the best place for these is WvW but cannot confirm this personally)
-2 Obsidian Shard
-10 Thermocatalytic Reagent
1 x Augers Stone (purchased from Mystic Forge vendor Myanmi for 20 Skill points)
*All of the mats in the Vision Crystal section are each one, not for all five!
** Gathering everyday is a lot due to the amount of raw materials needed for the Glob of Elder Spirit residues and Lump of Mithrillium, they are the account bound one a day items needed for the planks and ingots. the residue contains each one:
50 x Elder wood planks or 150 Elder wood logs daily
1 x Glob of Ectoplasm
10 x Thermocatalytic reagent
and the Lump Of Mithrillium contains:
50 x Mithril ingots or 150 mithril ores
1 x Glob of Ectoplasm
10 Thermocatalytic reagent

As you can see these require a lot of time and work, but are well worth the effort! Major stat boost and the Ascended weapons use infusions with stats or properties vs. other weapons with Orbs or Sigils. Good luck all and if you need help, I would be glad to provide in any way possible!
Officer/GM Order of Explorers on Tarnished Coast Server Guild Wars 2
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