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[OOE]Order Of Explorers Guild Wars 2 Website
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Welcome to The Order Of Explorers website!
Hello and welcome to our guild site! Order Of Explorers is a fairly new guild, on the Tarnished Coast server of Guild Wars 2. Our members do everything in game from questing, to running dungeons and FoTM, sPVP and WvW. We typically run 1 or 2 grouped runs a day. We are currently working on obtaining upgrades to the guild to allow us to run Guild Events, Puzzles, Missions etc. We have several buffs, Guild Storage, a guild armor smith, and guild bounty training in place. Our goal is to maintain a fun, friendly atmosphere where everyone can play the game, whether it be solo or grouped, and have a good time doing it! If you would like to join us, please feel free to fill out an application here onsite, or PM a member for more info! We look forward to seeing all of you in game! -Voltorsfury
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ooexplorers / Nov 14, 2013
Bounty 2 was a tough one, We had to find Ander "Wildman" Westward. He is trapped inside of a Veteran Karka that ate him.... We had to find it, kill the Karka, then kill the bounty. Unfortunately, we didn't locate him until the time had expired. :( Bounty #3 went very well though. We got Trillia Midwell located in Fields of Ruin. We had 4 guildies and a friend of the guild came along for it too. We found her and beat her down! Thanks to the influence we received, we were able to add the upgrade Politics 3 to the queue, 57 hours left as I type this out. This will give us 10% event influence gains, An extra upgrade slot upgrade, Guild Weapon-smith availability, 20% Dungeon influence, and Guild Banquets!! Thanks all who came, and we hope more will come out for this event in the future, it only takes 15 minutes for now until we upgrade to higher bounties, so we can really grow and receive all of our guild benefits! Thanks all!
Guild Recruitment Links
I wanted to include the current running advertisements on several popular websites for all of you to follow, provide feedback on edits, or just for curiosity sake. The following links are currently active and will be updated no more frequently then weekly with status and updates on the guild.