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General Discussion

[Pinned] Guild Slogan Contest!

Contest entries will be accepted until Sunday evening, 9pm EST Winner picked after close of entries. Please don't post entries to this thread, mail me in game at Voltorsfury.3791 We want to set a new slogan for guild and website. Please keep it sh...
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Achievement Info and Tips

[Pinned] Mini-Dungeons-Solo or More

Mini-Dungeons are solo instances you find in the world that are usually closed off until something happens in the area, such as events. Ab easy one to try out is in Queensdale at Beggars Burrow, North of Lake delavan. If you start at Ojon's Lumber...
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[Pinned] Great WvW Starter Article!

WvW for New players
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Gathering Info

[Pinned] Map to 400 level crafting mats!!

Hey guys, these maps are updated with each server update i believe, then the newest node locations are added to the maps. This link I setup to take you directly to the map on the TC Tarnished Coast server. Four maps included are Southsun Cove, Fro...
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Guild Challenge's

Tumoks Stand

Found this while traveling across Blazeridge Steppes, if you look closely, Peculiar Pig is in the Background! (Bounty)
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General Discussion

Damage by the numbers! And gear weights

Here is some math on the damage and crit breakdown for those interested. I can't take any credit for it, links to follow to sources!..Critical Damage Stat Explanation:If you're planning to have any crit damage in your equipment, then you need to k...
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General Discussion

Vista- Dissea plateau @ The Blasted Moors

There is a little camp with a catapult Just NW of the town of Nageling. The prerequisite for it is the event "Defend Mad Mardine's cows from harpies while he tests his invention event". You then have 5 minutes to use catapult. You can activate it ...
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My quest towards Zojja's Warhammer (Ascended)

Zoija's Warhammer (Ascended)Zojja's WarhammerHey guys, thought I would share some of my journey towards my first Ascended weapon, Zojja's Warhammer. These items take a ton of gathering everyday, and some items, such as "Glob of Elder Spirit Residu...
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General Discussion

Moving forward, input on direction?

Attaching a poll to see what everyone would like to see added as we gain the influence to do so. the upgrades are going to start costing a lot more now that we have all tiers mostly to level 3, so I would like feedback to see what everyone would l...
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General Discussion

Fun in Game - Acheivement for Skritt Burglar

The skritt burglar can be found in random spawn locations in each of the 5 major areas, (may be 4 spawns) To get this achievement you need to find semi-random spawning chests around the world. When you find him, instinct is to kill him for the loo...
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General Discussion

10/15 Patch Notes - Blood and Madness - Major changes

10/15 Patch Notes - Blood and Madness...
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New Aetherblade TA Dungeon Lvl 80

Some links to help out with the newest dungeon content!http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Twilight_Arbor_(explorable)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqV0aGexrhs (Helpful video with speaker tips)
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